Fall Update

The times they are a ‘changin’ (Thanks, Bob!). A few months back, in light of the demise of the Playhouse, I wrote a pretty despondent blog post. Truthfully, this was something that had been going through my mind for a […]

Social HR Camp

On May 16, I’ll be leading a session called Advanced YouTube, at the very first Social HR Camp. It should be fun, because it’s an un-conferince, which means that my role is less about instructing, and more about facilitating. Here’s […]

Come Join Me at BCIT!

It’s spring, and I’m starting a whole new speaking cycle! Lots of great workshops and classes over the next couple of months, and I’m going to share them with you this week. BCIT: Social Media Marketing for Small Business The […]

Fall Workshop Schedule

I have one word for my fall, and that word is BUSY! I’m cutting way back on my publicity work, partly because my teaching and workshop schedule is very, very full. Here’s a look at my fall schedule. I’ll note […]