I’m self-employed, and I work from home. Sometimes the only other beings I see for days are my cats. When I lost my job in July of 2007 and decided to go into business for myself, the thing I realized […]

Goofing off

Yesterday, my son graduated from Kindergarten. Beside the excitement of having a son who is going into grade one, I’m also super jazzed that it’s summer vacation. I have often complained that his teachers spend more of his waking hours […]

Jessies, Jessies, Jessies!

Yesterday was a big day for theatre in Vancouver–the Jessie nominations were announced. The Jessie Richardson Theatre Awards are like our version of Broadway’s Tonys. Or our version of Toronto’s Doras. Well, you get the idea… it’s kind of a […]

Vote for the Arts

Tomorrow, here in BC, we will have a provincial election. Up until quite recently, I used to be one of those people that was pretty apathetic about politics. I just figured everyone was a crook, and my one little vote […]

A blog-bate!

During last year’s federal election, the arts, which have traditionally gotten left by the wayside in political campaigns, were brought front and centre by a political debate focused on the arts called The Wrecking Ball. These debates took place in […]

Blogging Break!

I’m a big fan of having a plan to run your blog. Consistency is the key. I post three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I sit down on the weekend and write my posts for the […]