Is This The End?

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Friends, it may be time for us to say goodbye. It’s been a month since I’ve posted here, and if I’m being honest, my content […]

Tiptoeing into TikTok

I’m old. Like half a century old. In the US right now, the 18-24 year demographic accounts for 42% of its users.  A further 27% make up the next biggest demographic, 13-17 year olds.  Clearly, a Gen Xer like me […]

Instagram Mass Looking

It seems like, with Instagram, there’s always some new way of trying to beat the system.  First, it was all about the follow/unfollow. Basically, you would follow a ton of people every day, and then unfollow them a few days […]

How to Manage Instagram

Given that it’s now the #2 social network in the world, Instagram has been killing it in the last couple of years. It feels to me like if you’re not here… you don’t exist.  I know this isn’t true for […]