The Content Planner

I’ve been teaching the same class, MKTG 1550, Social Media Marketing for Business, over at BCIT for the last 6 or so years now. The end goal of every class is the same; my students create a social media marketing […]

Big Magic

When I was 16, I read Robert Bolt’s A Man For All Seasons. It tells the story of the martyr, Sir Thomas Moore. That same year, I took a creative writing course. Now, I should say for the record, that […]


Social Media is my life. It’s my business and my personal life. I was thrilled to receive a copy of my dear friend, Vicki McLeod’s book, #UnTrending in the mail last week. Vicki and I have been a source of […]


There are few guys as big, or as polarizing, as @GaryVee in the world of Social Media Marketing. If you have no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk is, chances are, you aren’t in the social media space. And if you are […]

YouTility by Jay Baer

Always Provide Value. It’s the golden rule of social media, and even though we are now officially 10 years in, there are still so so many businesses that are not following this rule. A quick look at their Facebook pages […]