“Rebecca Coleman was an excellent teacher for creating your own website (with WordPress)! She really gave me the tools to be able to go home and finish making one myself.”
–Workshop Participant

“I was just checking out a couple of things on your website and wanted to say, AGAIN, what an awesome resource it is for keeping up with all the changes and rules and new things that go on with web/social media based marketing. My job is bananas and I don’t often don’t have the time to dedicate to research and figuring all this stuff out. Your website reads in the same way you teach in person – it’s concise and effective and delivered with personality. I trust your words and advice.
So anyway, thought I would say your efforts to stay on top of this ever-changing interwebworld and your willingness to share your work is appreciated. Thank you.”
–Erin, Marketing Manager at PICA

Refreshing, unassuming and effective, are words that best describe my dealings with Rebecca Coleman, Marketing and Media Relations.  The past two years I have worked with Rebecca has resulted in a successful publicity campaign for The Wellness Show.  I wouldn’t hesitate recommended her services.”
–Jeanette Savard, Producer, New Rave Productions (The Wellness Show)

“As the producer of the Vancouver Celebrates Diwali Festival, I hired Rebecca Coleman because she’s one of the more inter-connected and multi-faceted publicists working in Vancouver’s performing arts scene. Rebecca has her skillful fingers in a lot of pies across town, and for a multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural festival such as ours, it helps to have someone with a broad scope of interests and connections. Just as important for us was Rebecca’s unique expertise in leveraging the value of social media. Through her carefully designed online campaign, we significantly increased our presence in that all-important community.” Sean Devine, Festival Producer

“Rebecca goes after the best press she can for all her shows. You are made to feel singularly important, special and her willingness to collaborate is stellar. Rebecca Coleman always delivers the goods with a smile and is tireless. I’m honored to have worked with her.”
–Stuart Aikins, Director, The Hobbit, Capilano University 2010/11 Season

“Time after time, if a phase of our project has involved Rebecca, she has been our MVP – from the earliest phases of development and pre-production through bringing “The Beast of Bottomless Lake” to screens big and small.”
–Kennedy Goodkey, Writer/Producer, The Beast of Bottomless Lake

“Rebecca Coleman is a publicity wizard! I hired her because I heard she delivers amazing results, and I learned that it is true! Thanks to her work, my show – Sensation of Magic, was featured in all major newspapers and tv shows, and was completely sold out.”
–Vitaly Beckman, Sensation of Magic

“As an emerging theatre company ITSAZOO Productions has found Rebecca’s work invaluable. Before having Rebecca involved in promotions we were hardly able to secure a preview article. This past summer Rebecca was brought on to promote our production of Grimm Tales in Mount Douglas Park in Victoria and Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. Because of her hard work, personability and expertise we not only had mutiple preview articles and TV and radio interviews we were also reviewed by all of the major newspapers in Vancouver. Thanks in a large part to Rebecca our two month run in both Victoria and Vancouver was completely sold out. Rebecca thinks outside the box, invests herself in every project and is willing to go the extra mile to see our company succeeds. I trust her and her work and will continue to work with her in the future.”
Chelsea Haberlin, Co-Artistic Director, ITSAZOO Productions

“Working together with Rebecca was a superb experience. She has an exemplary professional work ethic. Her strong relationships with VIPs in the Vancouver media made it possible for us to get previews and reviews. She was always available to us whenever we had a question and she did a fabulous job creating a buzz about our show. We would never hesitate in hiring her in the future. We have, and continue to recommend Rebecca to fellow producers.”
–Jacqueline Becher & Michael Charrois, Producers, Wink Theatre

“What Rebecca Coleman will do to promote your show will make your wildest dreams seem tame. Thanks to her efforts our show was reviewed by critics from across the country in all media, we had audience from every walk of life and area of Vancouver, and our personal favourites, 2 women who drove nonstop from Portland Oregon. We exceeded our projections, and a co-op company of 12 actually made money. Email her immediately and beg her to work her magic for you.”
–Christine Willes, Director, Metamorphoses

“Rebecca Coleman is not only one of the best publicists you’ll ever find; she’s one of the best professionals you’ll ever work with in this industry–or any other. Very few people have what she has — dedication, drive, charm, and a pure love for what she does.”
–Michelle Kim, Producer, Metamorphoses

“We ended up selling about 98% of the entire run, a virtual sell-out. Who would have thought an original 9 -night run would turn into 22 performances? This was with the help of the amazing press you managed to get for us. Most memorable was having Dishpig on the front page of the entertainment section of The Province. That was quite the score, and great exposure. The only down side was the nights we were turning people away at the door.”
–Patrick O’Doherty & Greg Landucci, producers, Dishpig

“We feel very fortunate to have had Rebecca on our World Theatre Day team. She has excellent interpersonal skills and is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any project.”
–Susan Stevenson, Executive Director, GVPTA

“Rebecca was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the process. I never had to worry that she wasn’t completely on top of things. Her dedication to her work is truly inspiring. I consider her to be a very valuable member of our team, one that I look forward to working with in the future.”
— Adriana Bucz, General Manager, Leaky Heaven Circus

“When it comes to PR in Vancouver, Rebecca Coleman and her company provide an incredibly effective, personalized and professional service.”
–Mylène Dinh Robic, Producer, Pikefly Theatre

“Rebecca Coleman = excellence, thoroughness and a Jessie-Award-winning play! It was a joy to work with Rebecca, I love her and can’t wait to work with her again!!”
–Carrie Ruscheinsky, Producer, The Maiden’s Prayer

Rebecca Coleman is at the top of her game. She brings a passion and intensity to her work that is unparalleled. Her drive to put the project front and centre with all levels of media was crucial in creating a success beyond our wildest imaginings. Without her, we could not have found our audience. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
–Bill Marchant, Writer, Director, Producer, Clown Elections.

“We’ve relied on Rebecca as a Publicist for over 2 years. Her intuition, creative flair and good rapport with key media people is an invaluable asset to our organization.”
–Liz Gurszky, Director of Communication and Market Development, BC Dairy Foundation

“The success we have had so far with getting people out to see original theatre has been a direct result of what a wonderful publicist we have in Rebecca Coleman. Our first show sold out and our second came close.”
–Mitzi Thaddeus, Artistic Director, First Point Productions.

“As they say….the success of any theatrical endeavor is good PR. Rebecca Coleman, and her company Titania Productions, are true PR and Marketing success stories. Not only is she consistent in creating buzz around whatever project I throw her way, Rebecca is effortlessly successful at promoting full houses and sold-out shows, a feat in itself in Vancouver’s theatre scene. A real gem, she is a MUST in every First Point Productions show.”
–Erin Macdonald Writer/Co-Producer First Point Productions




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