Course: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm

Hi! I’m Rebecca Coleman, college instructor and social media marketing strategist. 

Welcome to this short but informative course on Facebook’s algorithm. 

Maybe you didn’t know Facebook had an algorithm, but it does! And it’s affecting every thing you post on your Facebook business page. Did you know that the average reach of a Facebook business page is just 1-6% these days? Learn, through this course, how the Facebook algorithm works, and how to hack it to get better organic reach on your business page. 



The first factor in Facebook’s Algorithm is time

How to determine the best time of day to post: 


The second factor in Facebook’s algorithm is all about relationships. 


Facebook also gives different posts different “weights.” So understanding which posts are prioritized higher in the algorithm is key. 

So, how does Facebook’s algorithm work? 


Tips to improve your Facebook organic reach. 

Learning from analytics

How to find your most engaging content so you can create more in the future. 


That’s it! 

I hope you found this course on Facebook’s algorithm interesting and informative. 

If you have additional questions, feel free to email me at [email protected]


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