Why social media?

(the following is an excerpt from my e-book: Guide to Getting Started with Social Media for Artists and Arts Organizations) Marketing is creating relationships built on trust. The days of heavy‐handed, high‐pressure sales tactics are gone. The advent of Television, mass print, and the internet made it easy for advertisers to get their products under our noses. But after many years of being bombarded with literally thousands of ads per day, we have developed the ability to tune it out. I see us returning to the day of the door‐to‐door salesman. In the ‘50’s, housewives often bought wares from a familiar salesman that came around at regular intervals. There was a trust between the buyer and the seller that was built on personality, and getting to know each other (for the seller, getting to truly know his housewives’ needs). While I’m not advocating you start trying to sell your artwork door‐to‐door, I am encouraging you to jump  into  social  media  because  it  is  a  very  powerful  form  […]

E-book reviews

On June 21, I launched my first e-book: Guide to Getting Started with Social Media for Artists and Arts Organizations. I wanted to share with you some of the things that other people are saying about it. From Simon Ogden, […]

It’s here!

You’ve heard all the hype. Using online social networks like Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Flikr, and YouTube to market your business seems like a great idea. Everyone is talking about it, and the cost is free or low. But where […]