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The face of marketing has changed. Traditional public relations techniques are evolving to keep pace with rapidly advancing technology, instant communication and an audience faced with staggering choice. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, LinkedIn, Flickr… it’s noisy, it’s overwhelming, and it’s here to stay. How do you get a handle on it all?

This  workshop will help beginning and experienced marketers and publicists in small business or the arts to navigate this new world of opportunity. Site by site, we will:

  • How social media  marketing is different from traditional forms of marketing
  • introduce you to the language and etiquette of social media and Web 2.0
  • define its place in your personal marketing toolbox
  • dispel all those inevitable misconceptions that go hand-in-hand with emerging technologies
  • help you create a social media marketing plan that’s right for your organization

Rebecca Coleman is an amazing combination of expert, coach and arts advocate in the independent arts world. When Rebecca recommends a strategy it is because she knows that it is the best path. There is no one with her direct experience in Australia. Her tour “down under” was a huge success with 72% of seminar attendees saying that there were concrete strategies that they could immediately employ that would make a difference to their arts business in the next 1-3 months. Rebecca’s humour, wisdom and experience create a learning atmosphere of trust and support. Her website and book are a constant source of quality advice and best-practice content.
–John Paul Fischbach, Executive Director, Auspicious Arts Incubator, Melbourne, Australia

Your presentation today was exceptional!  I have attended a few Social Media workshops and yours was the best by far.  Very lively, informative and to the point.
–Gabriele Flint, BBA, Business Consultant, GMF Business Solutions Inc.

Rebecca presented several seminars at the first Eat.Drink.Tweet. social media conference, and received rave reviews from participants, many asking that she return for future events. Her energy and passion for communications was infectious; her students even created a verb in her honour: ‘Colemanize’. She leads by example, keeping the conversation going online long after the conference ended.
–Allison M. Markin, organizer, Eat.Drink.Tweet

If you want to understand the whys and hows of social media for your business and personal use, Rebecca Coleman is your perfect teacher. With her passion for her work and her extreme knowledge of her subject, Rebecca makes learning social media applications so easy. I can highly recommend her teaching as the best there is.
-Ruth Payne, Visual Arts Coordinator, Ferry Building Gallery, Office of Cultural Affairs, District of West Vancouver

Best training day I have been to (really, and I’ve been to a lot!). I felt empowered. Not just “this is what you can do,” but “this is how you do it,” which is the really important component. Totally took the fear out of using modern forms of social media.

Being knowledgeable is one thing, but having the ability to impart this knowledge in a way which is both entertaining and accessable is an art. I was totally blown away! Brilliant!
–Workshop participant, Adelaide, Australia.

You have taken my struggling efforts and helped shape them into a workable process with definable objectives and measureable outcomes that I have no doubt will move my art practice forward.
-Bernadette, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Loved Rebecca’s Social Media Course at Emily Carr! It filled in all the pieces that were missing from my puzzle. She’s very good at speaking and she really knows her stuff. I highly recommend her course and book to bring you up to speed in the realm of Social Media. I really enjoyed being in a class with other people who were seeking the same info as me, and it helped build that sense of community in that we are not delving into the new unknown area all alone.
-Tina, Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Rebecca has lead Workshops at:
  • Making a Scene Theatre Conference, 2008, 2009, 2013, 2017
  • Capilano University’s Theatre Students
  • Alliance For Arts and Culture
  • Surrey Centre for the Arts
  • Blanche MacDonald Centre
  • Mainstage, Theatre BC, 2009, 2013
  • Art At Work, Richmond, BC
  • Northern Voice, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
  • The Diane Farris Gallery
  • The Harmony Arts Festival, 2010, 2011, 2012
  • Auspicious Arts Incubator, Melbourne; The Gold Coast Arts Centre, Brisbane; and Arts SA, Adelaide, Australia
  • Emily Carr University of Art and Design (8-week course: Finding Your Social Medium)
  • BCIT: 12-week course Social Media for Small Business
  • Introduction to Social Media for The Engineers at the City of Vancouver
  • The 6th Annual Women in Film Festival
  • Eat.Drink.Tweet — A Social Media Bootcamp (Penticton, BC)
  • Social Media Camp Victoria, 2011, 2013
  • East Side Culture Crawl Participants, 2011, 2012
  • Portobello West Participants
  • The Burnaby Art Gallery, 2011, 2012
  • Telus Victoria Community Board
  • SocialHR Camp
  • Port Moody Art Gallery
  • Malispina Arts Society, Powell River
  • Vancouver Island Art Workshops, Nanaimo

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