“But I don’t have time for social networking!”

From an interview on Groundswell with Guy Kawasaki (by Josh Bernoff):

You blog, you twitter, you’re good at it. How do you answer people who say “I’m too busy to do all that stuff.” Should they learn to do it, or give up and watch from the sidelines?

Here an analogy: Would you go to Tiger Woods and say, “You sure practice and play a lot of golf. How do you find the time?” Tiger is in the business of playing golf. I am in the business of marketing, and marketing means getting out there by blogging and tweeting.

This isn’t about making friends, updating them on my feelings and life, and letting them know that my cat rolled over. If you wanted to play golf professionally, would you ask Tiger if you should learn the game or watch from the sidelines? What do you think he’d say? If you want to use social media for marketing, you need to approach it as a business skill like any other business skill.

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