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What the Tweet??! A Rookie’s Guide to Twitter: My first post on the topic, an interview with Trilby Jeeves.

Free Beginner’s Guide to Twitter: I just love this guide by Dave Charest, and I recommend it to every new Twitterer.

8 Types of Tweets

Twitter Lists: an introduction.

What are people saying about you? I explore methods of tracking what people are talking about on Twitter (and you!) and how you can tap into that.

Please Don’t Twitter Like This and Why You Should Not Join Twitter Explore some ways that people are not using Twitter to its greatest advantage.

Should you Auto-Post? Auto posting to Twitter from your Facebook account or from an aggragator like Ping or Friend Feed is popular, and could save you lots of time. But should you do it?

Offline techniques to grow your online presence: and Social Media Marketing offline: a current trend we’re noticing is that businesses are trying to draw people into thier social networks by employing offline techniques.

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