Two New Pinterest Apps

Thank you, Pinterest. You have single-handedly made Christmas shopping a breeze. Guys? Stumped about what to give your wife/partner/girlfriend/main squeeze for Christmas? Check out her boards, and problem solved. Parents, want to share your kid’s Christmas wish list with the grandparents and other relatives? Done. All through Pinterest.

For those of us, however, who are using Pinterest for business, crave a bit more. Other than seeing how many likes and repins I’ve gotten on something, Pinterest doesn’t offer any stats or analytics. But there are a couple of cool new third-party apps that will do that for you, and more.

Reachli: recently rebranded Reachli from Pinnerly, this app allows you to download a button and install it in your browser’s toolbar. Use it instead of the “Pin It” button, and voila! You are able to track how your pins are doing. You can create campaigns, track how they do, and  you’ll get stats on your likes, repins, and reach emailed to you in a weekly report. Reachli also allows you to upload images/pins from your computer.

Pingraphy: In addition to offering stats on likes, repins and reach, Pingraphy gives you a breakdown of your most popular pins, ranked in order.

It also gives you stats for all of your pins, not just ones you’ve pinned through the app, like Reachli does. Bonus stuff: scheduling your pins and staggering them over a period of time. Really cool stuff.

Again, install the Pingraphy bookmarklet in your browser’s toolbar for ease of use.

What tools are you using to help track your Pinterest for business account? Let me know in the comments below.


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