Pinterest: Makeover and Analytics

I‘m as addicted to Pinterest as the next gal. But over the last year or so, I’ve started exploring it not just as a place to find inspiration for my blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter followings, but as a way to drive traffic to my blog.

A couple of months back, Pinterest announced pages for business. At the time, it kinda felt like no big deal, as there wasn’t any huge advantage to have a business page over having a personal account. Well. Pinterest recently announced a makeover, and the upgrade includes analytics (finally!) for those of us that have a verified account.

The makeover

The makeover is not a huge one. What you’ll find is that your Pinterest will look a little sleeker. For me, the greatest change is that they have moved the main navigation menu (which used to be in the centre under the Pinterest logo) over to the left. You’ll now find it here. I like my view to be “Everything” as opposed to just pinners I follow.

Pinterest Makeover March 13


In order for you to access Analytics, you’ll need to first verify your account. Go to to do that. In order to verify your account, you’ll need to either:

  • download a snippet of code and then upload that snippet to your website’s main directory
  • insert a snippet of code into your website’s Meta Head Tag

I don’t believe either of these things is possible to do if you have a WordPress-hosted blog.

Once your site is verified, you’ll see a checkmark on your Pinterest account. You can now access your analytics from your drop-down Pinterest menu, the one that’s under your name.

In terms of analytics, you’ll get info about

  • how many pins you pinned per day
  • how many repins you got per day
  • your daily impressions and reach
  • how many clickthroughs you got per day

This is all useful information, however, you’re not given anything more specific. Say you have 5 repins on one day. You’re not given information as two what pins were repinned, and you’re also not told which pins got the click-throughs.

In terms of giving you information about what your most popular pins are, Pinterest analytics still has a long way to go to catch up with, say, Pingraphy, which gives you much more detailed information. Still, a step in the right direction…

What I find most interesting about Pinterest’s new analytics, is that you are now able to get data from your website on what images people are pinning from there. When  you’re in your Analytics, click on the inside tabs, “Most Recent,” “Most Repinned,” and “Most Clicked.” Mine are still not populated yet, as this all just happened last week, but I can now see what images are being pinned from my website, and who is pinning them. That is very interesting indeed!!

Images that have been pinned from my website


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