YouTube Update: 6 Months

Well, here we are, 6 months into the adventure!

It’s been a steep learning curve. I have to say, of all the social networks out there, YouTube has been the most challenging to learn. I do feel like I’m starting to finally make some progress, I am happy to report!

6 months ago, I started with less than 20 subscribers on my channel. Today, I’m at nearly 200, and in fact, I’m going to set for myself as a goal to have 200 by this time next month. The other day, I posted a video and it got 14 views without be doing anything–no posting to Facebook, Twitter or anything else. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it really gave me a thrill to know that 14 complete strangers watched my video.

YouTube Screenshot

I’ve now monetized my channel and I’ve made a quarter, you guys!!! OMG I’m so rich. Where should I take my big vacation???

Seriously, though, I know that stuff doesn’t happen overnight, so I’m excited for every little bit. It’s a process and it takes time.

There’s one thing that’s emerging very clearly from the analytics: the more you post, the higher your traffic. I know this isn’t ground-breaking in any way, I’ve been a blogger for 10 years, and it’s the same on the blog. But if you look at August, where I was traveling and posting a lot more videos, you’ll see my traffic was higher that month. The last two months, I’ve only put out 3 videos per month. I would like to do more, but I am still facing some pretty significant challenges, which I’ll share with you in a sec.

Cooking By Laptop YouTube channel analytics:

Subscribers Watch time Views Average View Duration Likes Dislikes Comments Shares # of videos
Mar-17 22 1126 483 2.19 5 0 2 2
Apr-17 83 2074 1221 1.41 22 2 7 14 5
May 17 117 2024 1040 1.56 21 0 22 35 6
Jun 17 130 2342 1207 1.56 32 0 13 7 5
July 17 136 2355 1361 1.43 14 0 4 10 4
Aug 17 155 3226 1919 1.4 27 1 8 18 6
Sept 17 170 2538 1504 1.4 27 0 3 12 3
Oct 17 182 2524 1552 1.37 16 4 5 16 3

Watch time and views have really not changed at all over the last 2 months, but that’s likely because I only put out 3 videos.


  • I had set for a goal for myself to have made a new YouTube channel trailer by now, and I have not been successful at that. It’s a time-consuming process of going through older videos and pulling out clips, and it’s taking quite a bit of time.
  • My main challenge is still simply finding a good location. My own kitchen won’t work, I’ve tried various locations in my apartment, and some of them okay, but nothing that works really well. Ideally, I need a kitchen to shoot in.
  • Format: I’m still playing with different formats and subjects, ranging from travel to cooking demos. I’m experimenting, and that’s good, but I still haven’t hit on the magic formula yet, and that’s too bad.

Goals for November: 

  • Publish at minimum of 4 videos
  • Get the Channel trailer finished
  • Get my subscriber count to over 200
  • Generate tweets for my evergreen videos so that I have at least one tweet per day pointing back to my youtube channel



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