Review: xFryo Wireless Earbuds

I have been terrified of getting wireless headphones. I use an iPhone, and the wireless version of the EarPods has been on the market a while. I have had zero interest in buying them. You see, I’m afraid I’ll lose them. And they’re not cheap.

I use headphones a lot. I am not a big music person, but I’m a big podcast nerd, and I do a lot of walking. When I’m walking or riding my bike I like to listen, and also sometimes when I’m doing chores around the house.

But I don’t always wear things with pockets in which to put my phone (yoga pants, I’m looking at you), so sometimes it can be a bit tricky.

Enter Wireless Earbuds! What was I so afraid of again???

You guys, these things are cool!

xFryo Wireless Earbuds

No more getting tangled in my purse straps or in my hair or spending half an hour untying the knots in my headphone cord (literally every time). No more of that “tethered” feeling.

Okay, so I’m convinced on the wireless earbuds. But what about these wireless earbuds?


You’re not going to lose them. My main fear, right? I’d lose them. Here’s the thing: they come in this sexy case that is about the size of a powerbank (and, BONUS, it actually is a power bank, cool, hey?), and you just pop them into the ends of it, and there they are. Safe and secure. In terms of losing them out of your ears, yes, there were a few times when I didn’t have them in right and they fell out. You have to put them into your ears, then kinda twist them backwards, and they they sit right in there nice and tight. These also come with interchangeable rubber bits of various sizes, so you can pick the size that works best for your ears. xFryo wireless headphones


The sound is good. I was actually pretty impressed with how clear the sound was. A little less bass-y than my wired headphones, maybe, a touch tinnier, but really good overall.

They even have a microphone built in! This one flummoxed me. I tested it a lot. I even did an instagram story and asked people to rate the sound quality on the mic and it performed really well.

Waterproof. You guys! You can wear them while swimming! The bluetooth connection is good for up to 30 meters, so not an Olympic-sized pool, but c’mon, how cool is that? Of course, you could also listen to music in the shower, or at the gym doing sweaty things.

Pause/play button. One thing I really like on my regular headphones is the button that allows me to pause and play my podcasts, and to adjust the volume. It took me a while to figure this out (because I felt a bit inconvenienced by having to take my phone out every time I wanted to pause), but all you have to do is tap one of the headphone’s power buttons, and it pauses. Another tap starts it up again.


They’re subtle. I know, I know, this shouldn’t even be a con, but it kinda is for me.  You see, I sometimes wear headphones as a way to not be spoken to. It’s not that I’m being antisocial, just sometimes I’m feeling a bit burnt out and I don’t have the energy to make conversation with strangers. My white iPhone headphones with wires are a lot more obvious for this purpose than these guys are. There were a few times this past week I was approached for directions or something of the like, and had to quickly apologize and tell them I was wearing headphones, because they are not easily seen.

xFryo xs2

The design could be a bit more elegant. They are a bit chunky. But honestly, chunky or no, I like the size and shape of these better than I like Apple EarPods, which always look so weird to me without the wires.

So, recommendation? It’s a big YES for me. I am totally converted to the world of wireless earbuds, and these ones are pretty great! They have lots of unique features that I think make them absolutely worth the buy. Freedom, guys! Freedom! I never knew I was missing it until I really experienced it. I don’t think I can ever go back to wired headphones again!

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