Instagram Updates 2018

I don’t know about you guys, but we’re barely into February and I feel like my head is spinning. Facebook has already had three algorithm changes so far this year, and there have been a buttload (yes, that’s a technical […]

YouTube Update

It’s February, and that means I’ve been creating weekly videos for YouTube for nearly a year. I took some time off over Christmas, but I’m back, and I have some updates! First of all, the bad news. If you haven’t […]

Owned versus Borrowed Media

Oy yoiyoi. What a week it’s been, friends. If you read this blog regularly, you’ll know I’ve been feeling pretty discouraged about Instagram lately. Their algorithm has kicked into gear big time, and it’s resulting in less people seeing and […]

2017: Top Posts

Ah, 2017. What a beautiful mess you were. Concerns about the environment and World politics continued to dominate much of social media in 2017. Feminism was named the word of the year, and the hashtag #MeToo, sadly, was trending. Instagram […]

Reflections on the Writerly Life

I’ve been a writer since I was 9 years old, and you’d think that, given the ensuing decades, I’d actually have figured some of this stuff out by now, but… not so much. I’ve been reflecting, hard, lately, in the […]

YouTube Check-in: Month 7

Hmmm… where to begin? First of all, I feel like my creative juices are flowing. I have so many ideas for videos right now… it’s kind of overwhelming. I am constantly writing ideas down and planning them out. It’s exciting […]