New Live Streaming Advances

If there was ever any doubt, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that 2016 is the year of the live-stream. Facebook, who, let’s face it, was late to the live-streaming party, is now making it up. They’ve just announced that you […]

Creating Photo Collages

It feels like images are ruling the interwebz these days. Between hot image-based social networks like Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram, and how much Facebook’s Edgerank loves photos, images are becoming more and more important for telling visual stories all the […]

Tumblr versus WordPress

I often get the question: “what’s the difference between Tumblr and WordPress?” Tumblr (short for Tumblog) is much like WordPress: also a web-based blogging platform, also free. The main difference is that people who tend to keep WordPress blogs write […]