My Makeover

Welcome to my shiny new website!

This makeover has been a long time coming. Many, many months ago, I realized that my blog, The Art of the Business, was getting several hundred hits a day, while my website was getting only a few dozen. I also really wanted the added functionality of a self-hosted Word Press blog, so I decided to hire a designer to create a custom Word Press template for me to integrate my blog and website together.

Fast forward 8 months, and Ta-da!!

I’ve worked with Janet Baxter many times before. In addition to designing my logo for me, we also worked together to design the Provost Pictures website. So, from her very first design comps, she was pretty much on the right track.

I started to want some other colours in there, other than just the greens, and that’s when curlicues started to appear:

The yellow wasn’t working for us, so we swapped in some brown, and what you see here is the final result. It has been described as “a petit-four with brains.” (thanks, GwydionS!)

There’s a lot of work involved in moving your blog from a Word Press-hosted site to self-hosted, and it’s going to take me some time to get through it all. All the posts from my old blog which I’ve imported have to be reformatted manually, so you may see some loss of formatting and some internal links that still don’t work. I’m in the process of doing all this, but please email me if you find any problems and let me know so that I can fix them.

It feels like Christmas!

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Rebecca Coleman

Social Media Marketing Strategist, Blogger, Author, Teacher, Trainer. Passionate foodie, mom to Michael, fueled by Americanos. I love my bike. Soon-to-be cookbook author. Localvore with a wanderlust.

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  1. Oh, Rebecca – it is delicious – a sensory treat! Granny Smith apples, Girl Scout uniforms, mint, sweet basil, and new grass in spring.

    All the best for attracting the masses to your site. You deserve it!

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