The WTD11 Meme

Tomorrow is March! And that means World Theatre Day is just around the corner!

For those of you who are new, World Theatre Day is celebrated every year on March 27. It is the international day for those of us who are in the theatre to really celebrate what we do every day, and to maybe try to recruit some new folks to the theatre, as well. Parties are held all over the world, and a virtual party has been taking place the last two years over at, a blog I started a few years back with a group of wonderful, amazing, awesome theatre artists from all over the world. The purpose of the blog is to spread the word about WTD, and also to act as a hub for theatre artists from all over the world to share with the rest of the world how they are celebrating March 27.

Each year, we choose an idea for a meme. The first year, it was standing on our favorite theatre books

Last year, it was a video about why we loved the theatre.


This year’s meme is This Is My Theatre. Here’s mine:

If you want to create a #WTD11 meme, here’s what you do:
•    Download and print out the World Theatre Day 2011 avatar/logo, and take it to your local theatre. Take a photo of yourself holding the logo, or with it somewhere in the shot, somewhere at your theatre. Upload the photo to and include a brief description of your theatre, and where it is located.
•    Your theatre can be anywhere: a building, a church, a parking garage, a park—because theatre can be created anywhere! We look forward to your most creative entries!

Here’s a couple more.

Get involved!

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