How to Deal With Facebook’s Algorithm Change

If you run a Facebook page, then you, like most of us, probably have encountered a deep decline in views on your posts.

I try to share valuable information on my Facebook page (if you haven’t yet liked it, I please do, as I’m only a few away from 1,000–shameless plug) every day. I try engage people. But these days, even when I’m successful at that, my views are still shamefully small.

Here’s a recent example: a post I put up got 18 likes and 3 shares, but only 500 people saw it. Another post I put up had 18 likes and 43 comments, and was only seen by about 1,000 people. Mathematically, this doesn’t even make sense to me, as there should be some proportion of the friends of each of the people who like and comment or share my posts that will see it. Facebook is shutting views down.

They want you to pay to boost your post. Now, I’ve written extensively about this in the past, so I won’t go into it here. But I have noticed quite a few great blog posts coming out lately that have advice for Facebook page managers. I’ve been playing with some of these ideas, and I encourage you to do that too. The only way you can know if it works is to experiment with your audience.

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Infographic courtesy of Quicksprout.


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