Tips to Make the Best of Your Facebook Page [Infographic]

This week, I’m teaching my classes about Facebook. It’s the class that I often dread the most… I have such a love/hate relationship with that Social Media Giant.

Facebook, to me, is by far the trickiest of all the social networks. The algorithm is a big part of that, also, trying to decide about whether or not to buy ads, and how much to spend… what to post, where to come up with that content, etc etc.

Today’s infographic has some good tips for you, though.

  1. Be present. 98% of social media failure is just simply giving up or not showing up. That means posting to your page regularly. I suggest once a day, but there are some businesses that just aren’t ready for that yet, so once every two days is okay for them. You can even post multiple times per day, but make sure you space them out using Facebook’s scheduling tool.
  2. Be responsive. If someone called you, you’d pick up the phone, right? If someone messages you on FB, or comments on a status, respond. Like their comment and reply to it, if possible.
  3. Be social. Reach out to other businesses. Like their pages (as your page), and then scroll through your page’s feed every couple of days or so, liking and commenting on their posts. Most likely, they will do the same for you.
  4. Be generous. Share other people’s posts to your page, or share your page’s post to your personal account. This helps extend your reach. Share your blog posts on your FB page as well.
  5. Be visual. Create visual content for your page. Video is especially important in today’s FB world. Upload video to FB or create a livestream. Create pretty inspirational quotes using Pablo by Buffer, Canva or Adobe Post.

And now here’s today’s Infographic: “Tips to Make the Best of Your Facebook Page.

Infographic courtesy of The Marketing Solutions Blog

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