Time for a Facebook Page Audit!

Sometimes I feel like we get (okay, maybe just me?) get so caught up in the day-to-day running of our Facebook pages that we forget to stop and take a step back. It’s time for a Facebook Page Audit!

I have systems in place to make sure that I have content on my page every day. But sometimes I just leave it at that, and move on to other things.

Every once in a while, it’s a good idea to stop and have a look at your page from a higher elevation. What’s working? What’s not? Are there blanks that need to be filled in?

Here’s how to do a Facebook Page Audit:

  1. Are all the blanks filled in? Do you have a robust “About” page? And–most importantly, is there a link to your website? The whole point of this game is to drive traffic back to your site.
  2. Images: Do you have a cover image and a profile picture? Are they the right sizes so that nothing looks skewed or gets cut off? Are they good quality photos without pixelation? Do both photos clearly reflect your brand and who you are?
  3. Apps. Apps are getting more and more complicated to install these days, especially third party ones. However, you can still install links to your e-newsletter sign up for example, Pinterest, etc. You can also create custom icons for them.
  4. Are you being engaging? What’s your “engagement number?” This shows how many people are liking, commenting and sharing your posts, and it’s a really important one. If your engagement number is down, what are some ways you can increase it? Asking questions helps… especially open-ended ones.
  5. Value. Are you just talking about yourself all the time, or are you offering your fans valuable content? That’s what’s going to keep them coming back for more. It’s okay to talk about your business some of the time, but the vast majority of your content needs to be useful.
  6. Content. Video is really hot right now. Can you create video for your page? Facebook Live videos? Also, make sure that each update is accompanied by a photo. Your content needs to be engaging and consistent.
  7. Competition. Checking out what your competition is doing can be a huge eye-opener. You can get some great ideas from checking out what they are doing. I’m not talking stealing–that’s a terrible idea. But inspiration? Go for it!

Facebook Audit Infographic

Infographic courtesy of Shortstack.

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