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Well, folks, summer is winding down. That means fall is here and it’s time to get serious.

I feel like I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to social media. I am pretty faithful about posting to both blogs a couple of times a week, and I post almost every day to Instagram. I create Snapchat stories (okay, so not as much these days since I’m using Instagram Stories), and live videos. I have a minimum of 10 tweets per day going out on my account, and I maintain an active Facebook presence.

But in the summer, honestly, some of that slides. It’s a combination of being busy doing other things (vacation, life), and the need for a break every once in a while.

But now fall is coming, I’ll be back at school in less than a week, and routines are all happening again.

So, too are fall conferences.

digital 2016

I’ll be part of a panel at Digital 2016 on October 1. This is going to be a cool one-day event, because there are some really cool local folks speaking at it. And I’m not just saying that because those folks are my friends. 😉

The amazing Steve Dotto, of whom I’m so proud, because he is kicking a$$, will be one of the keynotes, as will the lovely Bosco Anthony. You’ll also see my dear friend Vicki there, and lots of other outstanding social media locals.

I’ll be on a panel called What is the Future of Digital Marketing and How Will it Impact Business? with Troy Assoignon, Jonathan Christian, Bosco Anthony and Vicki Mcleod.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can get a sweet deal on tickets until Sept 12: just $99 with the checkout code RebeccaVIP.

Hope to see you at the Anvil Centre on October 1!


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