Creating Animations on the Surface Pro

Well, my trial time with the Surface Pro is winding down, and honestly, I’m sad. It’s been a lot of fun to play with these last few months.

My favourite thing about it still is, hands-down, how light and portable it is. I take it with me when I want to go write in a coffee shop, or when I have to do a social media gig.

Creating Animations on the Surface Pro

A few weeks back, I helped out my friend Jeremy with the socials for the Dragon Boat Festival, and because of the location, we took the skytrain rather than driving and trying to find parking. The Surface Pro fit easily in my small backpack, and was the perfect machine for the gig.

I’m also learning some of the cool tricks it can do.

You can, for example, create really cool little animations using the Surface Pro, the Surface Pro pen, and the Windows 10 photo app. I’m not super artistic, so my animations are kinda lame, but I made you a video to show you how easy it is creating animations on the Surface Pro.

Creating Animations on the Surface Pro:

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