Networked Blogs

As all of you regular readers (thanks, btw!) know, I like to write quite often about technical tools, gadgets and websites that can help make our lives and businesses easier. The latest one I’m enamored of is Networked Blogs. Introduced […]

Social Nettiquette

Last week, I did a guest post on The Art Biz Blog. Alyson Stanfield has a very successful blog that, like mine, focuses on the business of being an artist, although hers is more geared towards visual artists, while my […]

More Facebook updates

I gotta hand it to the Facebook people–they are listening, and they are trying to keep up. You may have noticed that FB is looking a little different these days–on Sept 5, they went through yet another redesign. Over the […]

Social Media updates

Three new things have happened in the last couple of weeks that make life just a little bit easier for those of us that love and use social media. Flickr to Twitter Twitterberry doesn’t work for photos on my Blackberry, […]