It’s Jessie Time!

I love this time of year: the weather is getting warmer, all my skirts are out from their winter hibernation, and flip-flops are  heavy in the shoe rotation. And the Jessie nominations are announced! For those of you not from […]

Never Bowl Alone

This came through my in-box last week, and I thought I’d share it. I might go, myself! Connect with your peers, get informed about community resources, take control of your well-being and go bowling. A free day-long workshop aimed at […]

Relay for Life

This is a business blog, not a personal one. I hope, though, that you will forgive me one personal post. I wouldn’t be using my blog as a platform unless it was incredibly important, and something I feel deeply about. […]

Is E-mail Evil?

Just before Christmas, I got this in an email from a friend of mine: I’ve decided, you see, that I’m spending too much of my precious time on this planet staring at screens of one sort or another so I’m […]