Do you need a business plan?

I’ve been doing publicity on a part-time basis since April, of 2001. That was when the theatre company I was then a part of decided to produce its first mainstage show. As with all small theatre companies, we were all responsible for more than one thing–acting, stage managing, directing. And administration-type stuff, like publicity.

I knew less than nothing about publicity, but I had a friend who had done some, so I asked him to show me how to write a press release, and that’s how I got my first taste of being a publicist.

Over the years, I continued to work, act, have a baby and do publicity on a part-time basis. Many, many times, I set the goal for myself of writing a business plan for my publicity business, and taking it to the next level. But it wasn’t until the government-funded employment program I was working for got cut in July of 2007 that I really got the time or the opportunity.

I was lucky enough to get into a Self Employment Assistance program at BCIT, which walked me through the process of writing a business plan. It also offered me coaching, but the most important thing it offered me was time.
If you have an arts-related business, you need a business plan. When I was doing publicity part-time, it was just that, a hobby, something I made a few extra bucks at, but it wasn’t serious. Writing a business plan and creating goals for myself helped me to take myself more seriously, and taking myself more seriously lead me to create a business plan and goals. And when I started taking myself more seriously, so did other people. And I actually started making money.

If you are not able to take a course like the one I took, due to time or money, there are other options.

Business Plan Write is a full how-to-write a business plan step-by-step website.

Small Business BC has both an excellent website and a physical office (located inside Waterfront Station). If you don’t live in BC, you could certainly do a search for a similar service in your area.

And good luck!

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