In search of inspiration

I think any blogger will agree with me on this one: finding inspiration to write is certainly the most difficult part of blogging.

Having to come up with fresh content all the time is a big challenge.

So, I’m going to share with you some ways that I have found to cope, and I’d love to hear some from you, as well.

Link: Thomas Cott

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Rebecca Coleman

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  1. Great tips, Rebecca! I have a Google alert set for my keywords. I haven’t used them for a while, but when I am really stuck I peruse the alerts and either repost good content, or rework an idea from there.

  2. I also enjoyed your kitty-tail 🙂

    I keep half-written drafts of post ideas saved within my wordpress account and then when I have the time I flesh them out and post. It’s nice to know that there is a cushion in case I can’t think of something.

  3. Great post with very good ideas. To keep going:
    – I read books on art (technical but also artists biographies, correspondence and other writtings). When I read, I collect interesting passages in my notebook but also my reaction to the content.
    – I collect good quotes and use them as a starting point (to go the same way or against what the author says)
    – I alway carry with me my notebook to capture ideas
    – I have a folder with drafts of posts. It can be just a title, a couple of sentences or more developed ideas. At any given time, I have around 10 draft that mature over time.
    – I make a mindmap on the topic I want to write about
    – I recycle content: I have a monthly newsletter and write a monthly column for a free local art magazine (this is good because it gives me deadlines)
    – I look at keywords in Google Analytics to see what people are looking for.



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