You know what a big nerd I am. So when I heard that a local theatre company was using IPods to create PodPlays, I was intrigued. So I sat down with Adrienne Wong, Artistic Producer of NewWorld Theatre, who explained to me what exactly they are.

I thought it would be appropriate if I did this post as a podcast, so click on the link below to listen to my interview with Adrienne.


You can find out more information about PodPlays, and download a past PodPlay, The Oppenheimer Incident, written and performed by Tetsuro Shigematsu, here: http://www.neworldtheatre.com/productions-podplays.html

PodPlays are part of the PuSH Festival, and will take place Jan 21-Feb 6. The point of origin is the atrium of the Woodward’s building.

You can get involved! Create your own PodPlay, and then get in touch with Adrienne.

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