One More Reason to Love the Flip

I love my FlipCam. In my business, it is my #3 tool, my MacBook and my IPhone being #1 and #2. I use it all the time to record b-roll footage, interviews, and other general silliness. I’ve even written a series of posts on how to shoot and edit video using it.


Me and my Flip interview Director Craig March at the OIFF Opening Gala Screening of The Beast. Photo by Janet Baxter

Well, here’s one more reason to love your Flip. There is now a way to use it to create a video profile pic on Facebook. It’s called Flip Your Profile, and I can’t wait to try it out!

I’m a big advocate of having video on your blog or website–a little short, maybe less than a minute–video introducing yourself to the folks that drop by your site. This is a similar idea, only using Facebook. How cool is that?

If you get yours done before I do, I’d love to see it–paste the URL into the comments section below.

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