New Page Administrator Feature in Facebook

In its constant bid to up the ante (and to make my life a continuous challenge trying to keep up with all the changes), Facebook has recently introduced another new feature.

I  really like this one: it makes my life easier, so it gets my vote.

I administrate a lot of Facebook Pages. Pretty much all of my clients have them (especially now that Facebook is abandoning its old Groups Interface). Every day, I get up, sign into Facebook, and check my personal account to see who has replied or responded to me, see if I have messages to respond to, etc. and I will often post something.

Next, I go to my Business Page and post something there: a link to a helpful blog post, my latest blog post, etc, and I also check the notifications to see if anyone has responded to anything I wrote. I choose to keep my settings on Always comment and post on your page as The Art of the Business, even when using Facebook as Rebecca Coleman (I show you how to do this in this video).

This means a lot of flipping back and forth between my personal profile and my biz page(s).

Last week, Facebook created a new notification feature in the main (left-hand) menu. It tells you when your pages have new notifications. When you click on the link, it gives you a snapshot of your stats and notifications for all of the pages you admin.

Nicely played, Facebook. Nicely played.


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