Why Aren’t You Making Video, Yet?

I just got back from Victoria, where I presented my YouTube 101 workshop at Social Media Camp Victoria.

If you’re not using video, yet, then why not? You can do this, people. You really can. The technology is becoming more and more accessible… with a few simple tools: a camera, a computer and a tripod, you can create video that allows the people that come to your blog or website to see who you really are. And that helps you to create relationships based on trust.

Allow me to share a story.

In my current class at BCIT, one of my students is handling the marketing for Le Petite Spa, a spa in Kitsilano. On their website, they created short YouTube Videos of their staff, introducing themselves, telling what it was they did. The gal who does the Brazilian waxes is Giselle, actually from Brazil, and it is said that her bookings went up after the spa posted that video.


If someone is going to be doing something that may be painful on an intimate part of your body, you want that person to be trustworthy, not creepy, and nice. Watch Giselle’s video. Judge for yourself. Does she not appear to be trustworthy and nice?

I’m digging this series of videos that Lululemon has created. Simple, casual and highly effective, they are introducing some of the main movers and shakers at the company. These videos have the desired effect: they make each of these people, who work in a somewhat corporate environment, to be human, approachable, real. They make me want to work at Lululemon, honestly, because it seems like it might be happier than Disneyland.

How can you apply these same principles and ideas to your business?

H/T for the Lululemon videos: Gillian Behnke
H/T for the Le Petite Spa video: Natasha Ehsani

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