On Being in the Moment

It’s been a crazy weekend. A whirlwind of traveling, networking, speaking, and hanging out with friends.

On Friday afternoon, I picked up my son from school, took a ferry to Vancouver Island, and deposited him at his grandparents in Qualicum Beach. I then drove down island to Victoria, and spent the rest of Friday and all day Saturday at Social Media Camp Victoria. I then reversed the process yesterday, landing in town literally an hour before I was meant to be at a friend’s wedding, which I attended last night.

One photo I actually did take! This is where we watched the Saturday night hockey game!

I woke up this morning and thought about what a great weekend it was, and then I realized that I had almost no documentation of the weekend. A few photos I’d snapped on my iPhone, but I’d shot no video, and hardly any photos at all.

I love to document special occasions, but when you’re doing that, it takes you out of the moment.  You’re not able to be fully present when you are focusing on your camera, so last night, especially, I made the conscious choice to not film or take pictures during my friend’s wedding.

My favorite moment was, just before the ceremony started, the bride and groom were at the front, holding hands, and the bride began to tear up a little. The groom immediately reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief, which he handed to her and she dabbed her eyes. When I told other people that story later on, almost no one had witnessed that interaction.

So much of what social media is about is documentation: some would argue a little too much, perhaps. On one hand, we are leaving  behind a legacy of our lives: what we were doing when Canada won the Gold Medal in hockey, where we were when we heard Michael Jackson died.

But on the other hand, you can’t entirely live your life on line, because you won’t be able to, well, live your life. Like everything, balance is the key.

I’ve been practicing yoga again for the last two weeks, so I’m going to blame this post on that. I learned some great stuff this weekend at the conference, and I look forward to sharing it with you over the next little while.

In the mean time, do me a favor and get away from your computer for a few minutes today. Grab a coffee. Go for a walk. Disconnect for a few minutes. You may witness something really phenomenal, and then want to share it with us via Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

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  1. I also lo-ved when B. pulled the hanky. You know what I thought? If I were the bride I would ask the groom to bring a handkerchief as I know I would cry and wouldn’t have pockets! 🙂

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