What I Learned from Creating 30 How-To Videos in 30 Days

Firstly: that I should have my head examined.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. In April, I met, as I do, bi-monthly, with my amazing small business support group, SCTC. This wonderful and talented group of individuals, all of whom are, like me, solopreneurs, have been a huge help to me over the last two years since we started meeting. In a world where I give a lot of energy to my clients and students, this is the place I go to be filled.

Someone in the group brought up the idea of us all doing a 30-day-challenge. The challenge could be whatever we wanted, but we had to commit to doing it for a full thirty days. I decided I my challenge would be to create 30 social media “how-to” videos in 30 days. I put the word out, fifty people signed up and I crowdsourced questions from them.

I started May 1, and I finished May 31. I’m going to be honest with you–it was hard. It almost killed me. But I somehow did it.

When I look back at the stats, it’s pretty clear that my audience suffered some burnout, as well. Opening stats peaked at about Day 15, and then dropped off a bit from there. I know, from when I’ve signed up for these kinds of things in the past, that people will file the emails away for a later date, so I’m not too worried about those stats, overall.

One of the people that signed up to receive my challenge videos, asked me to show her how to curl your hair using a flat iron. I later learned she was joking, but my hairdresser recently showed me how to do that, and I thought it would be fun and unexpected to create that video, so I did. It was right around the middle of the challenge.

That post got the second most hits of all 30 videos.

So here’s what I learned:

  • Making 30 “how-to” videos in 30 day is a lot of work, and I seriously over committed myself
  • Every once in a while, surprise your audience with something unexpected.

I’m happy to announce that many of those videos will now become part of an online course which I am currently developing. It should be up and online in the next few weeks. Watch this space. 🙂

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  1. Rock on! Congrats on completing such a feat.
    I agree that sometimes people want things spiced up. Plus I just watched the vid and you are super cute, plus plus 🙂

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