5 Fantastic Friday Facebook Links

For your Friday Facebook pleasure, a collection of some of my favorite recent posts about Facebook:

13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips from the Top Pros

The Social Media Examiner is a great blog, and they specialize in really specific “how-to” kind of posts, which, let’s face it, we can all use. This particular post pulls together the expertise of a bunch of the top Facebook experts, like @GuyKawasaki and @MariSmith.

64 Awesome Facebook Marketing Techniques

Infographics are the new cool, and this is a pretty cool infographic. Mix and match techniques to keep your page interesting and fun.

How to SEO Your Facebook Page

SEO this! and SEO that! What?? Now you can create Search Engine Optimization for your Facebook page? Yup. And here’s how to make your page rise to the top of Facebook’s search rankings.

Canadian Facebook Statistics

It’s always useful to know demographics: who’s using Facebook, what that average user looks like, and how they use it. Many of these stats are based on American users, so I love it when Canadian info is posted.

How to Get the Most from the Facebook Like Button on our Website

Ever wonder if the placement of the Facebook “Like” button makes a difference? For example, will more people click it if it’s on the top, or on the bottom? Left or right? This post has the answers.

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