Facebook Introduces “Sort” Button

Well, I don’t know about y’all, but I was NOT happy when I discovered, during the last major Facebook update, that they removed my ability to choose either “Top Posts” or “Most Recent.”

You see, you basically had two ways to view your Facebook stream: Top Posts were the posts that the Facebook Algorithm thought were the important ones. Basically, this becomes a popularity contest: posts that get “likes” and comments end up in your stream more often that posts that do not. You could, however, choose the “Recent Posts” option,which would show all the posts of your friends in chronological sequence.

But Facebook replaced the “Recent Posts” option with the Ticker during their last redesign, and so all we were left with was what FB deemed important. I don’t know about your stream, but there were a lot of images in mine–people tend to “like” images more than a post with straight-up text, so I felt like my stream was all photos, all the time.

Well, last week, Facebook announced it’s bringing back the option for you to choose how you see your stream. If you haven’t gotten it yet, you’ll soon see a “Sort” option in the upper-right hand corner at the top of your stream, and you can set your preferences to “Highlighted Stories First” (like “Top Posts”) or “Recent Stories First.”

Sometimes they listen!! Yay!!

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  1. Under private browsing everytime I log into facebook It automatically show the highlighted stories first. So this is login and cookie related issue and the highlighted stories will always be the default… *sigh*

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