Tagging Other Facebook Pages on Your Page

I dunno about you, but I’ve been super frustrated lately when I’ve tried to tag other people’s pages on Facebook pages that I administrate.

Why would you want to tag other pages on your page? Well, it’s a great way of cross-promoting other business. I am currently doing publicity for The Wellness Show, which happens in a couple of weeks, and we are busy giving stuff away on our Facebook page, and also promoting exhibitors and guest speakers who will be at the show.

Here’s an example:

If Omega Crunch has a Facebook page, I could have “tagged” their Facebook page, which would hotlink the name of their business to to their page. You could then simply click on their name, and be taken to the Omega Crunch page, and be able to ‘like’ them. My comment would also show up on the Omega Crunch page, because I had tagged them, which is excellent cross promotion for The Wellness Show, as well, exposing our page to the already existing Omega Crunch fans.

However, even though Omega Crunch has a page, and I connected their page to our page, I wasn’t able to tag them. It used to be a very simple matter of typing an ‘@’ symbol if you wanted to tag someone in a Facebook post, and a list of the people you are friends with and pages you like would pop up, and you could choose the one you wanted.

In some recent update, Facebook made this much more complicated, but it can still be done. Now, in order to tag someone in a post from your page, you have to be signed in and using Facebook as your page.

I use the default setting below on all the pages I administrate for ease of use.

That way, I can post as the page when I’m on the page, but as myself everywhere else on FB. There’s less futzing around with signing in and out of pages. But in order to tag, you must be signed in as your page. You can do this simply by pulling down the arrow right beside the “Home” button in your main navigation bar on the upper, right-hand side. There will be a list of the pages you administrate there, and you can switch to the page you want to be signed in as.

Then go to your page, write your update, and tag away!

Finished product: two Facebook pages hotlinked together!


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