Creating a Page Using Facebook’s New Timeline

I knew it was coming. In my experience, Facebook beta-tests new things on personal accounts first, and then they introduce them to Business Pages, so I had a sneaking suspicion this day was coming. Then the rumors started. And then, last Wednesday morning, we got up, and Timeline for Pages had gone into effect overnight.

If you have a page, it will automatically be transferred over to the new Timeline format as of March 30 (subscribe to my e-newsletter which will be coming out March 15 for details about how to do that), but any new pages for business from now on will be in the new Timeline format.

I’ve created a how-to video for you to show you step-by-step how to create a new Facebook page. But there are some considerations you need to take into account before you begin:

1. Landing Pages are now a thing of the past. What you can do, however, is create a “sticky” post that will, no matter when you posted it, stay at the top of your page for 7 days, or until you pin something else at the top of your page.

2. Profile/Cover Photos. In the past, I encouraged you take full advantage of your pages’ profile pic real estate. Many people were using a very small profile pic for their page, when, in reality, the space you had there was around 200 px wide and about 600 px long. This is now a thing of the past, as it’s been replaced by the Cover image, which takes up the entire length of the top of your page. The dimensions for this image are 850 x 315 pixels. Feel free to get creative with your Cover image, but no blatant advertising is allowed! Create your Cover image before you start to create your new Facebook Page.

3. The new Timeline for Business gives you the ability to direct-message people who like your page. This could be a really useful tool if you need to take a discussion offline.

4. Facebook wants you to put the cart before the horse. As you go through the process of creating your new page, Facebook will give you multiple opportunities to get your friends to like your page by inviting them through Facebook or email. Resist this temptation. You have to give people a reason to like your page. Why is someone going to like a page that has nothing on it, yet? Build your page first, then invite people to like it.

5. Vanity URLS are now included.
In the past, with a new FB page, you’d have to wait until you had 25 people “like” your page before you could get your new, branded, shorter, “vanity” URL (your previous URL was a long, ugly string of nonsensical numbers and letters, after the “vanity” URL, it would be You also needed a vanity URL in order to create marketing tools, like the FB Like Box for your website or blog. With the new Timeline interface, you get your branded URL immediately, but you need to have 30 people like your page before you get any insights.

How to create a new Facebook Page in the Timeline Format:


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