Social HR Camp

On May 16, I’ll be leading a session called Advanced YouTube, at the very first Social HR Camp. It should be fun, because it’s an un-conferince, which means that my role is less about instructing, and more about facilitating.

Here’s the blurb from the website:

The First-Ever Global HR UnConference!

Highly Experiential.  Hands-On.  Conversation.  Awesome Learning.  Collaboration.  Networking.  Debate.  Fun.  Leading Edge.

SocialHRCamp is for the Human Resources industry—to start truly leveraging and integrating social media within the workplace, to create and drive unparalleled business value.  As a true UnConference; highly customizable and flexible, attendees get to create their own learning path, be as engaged as you want to be and get as much out of Camp as you want.

Basically, I think it’ll be lots of fun, experimental learning, and no doubt I’ll be learning lots, too! Would love to see you there!

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