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No doubt about it, Pinterest is rapidly becoming a powerful tool for marketers in social media. What I think is so interesting is that it’s not just people with visually-oriented businesses that are starting to really make good use of Pinterest. It’s all kinds of businesses–including tech and not-for-profits. And it’s driving more and more traffic to our websites and blogs.

I got connected to this guide because I am going to be part of a one-day Social Media Camp workshop on Sept 27. It’ll be held at the Comfort Inn in Surrey, and on the ticket are four speakers:

  • Chris Burdge: Creating your Social Media Strategy, Google+ for Business
  • Yours truly: Optimizing Facebook and YouTube for Business
  • Angela Crocker: Social Media Management + Twitter Strategies for Business
  • Chris Whiteley: Set-up and Maximize your WordPress Blog

Jason Miles, Marketing on Pinterest, also does some of these SMC workshops, but he won’t be at the one on Sept 27. However, you can go to his website and download his very useful Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide (Small Biz Ed).

Jason goes into three main areas: mastering Pinterest basics, how to create your profile and grow your following, and then optimizing yourself for success, which includes a look at things like photography,  and what kinds of pins get the most traffic (can you somehow integrate a cute puppy or kitten into your photos?? Or babies?? Score!)

A quick read, and a useful guide. Get a copy for yourself!

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