What it is
: Keek would be the result if YouTube and Twitter got together and had a baby. They are short (max 36 seconds) video clips that you take of yourself talking directly to camera and then upload to the social network. Shot in a diary-format (“Hey, guys, here’s what I’m doing with my day..”), you can, like YouTube and Twitter, follow people, subscribe to their channels, and like their Keeks. You can also create Keeks in response to other people’s Keeks.

Where’d it come from:
Designed by Isaac Raichyk out of Toronto, according to Wikipedia, “Keek” comes from Middle English and means a look, especially a quick one. It’s about a year old, and is approaching 10 Million users.

How to do it: Sign up for an account at You can create Keeks with your computer’s webcam, or download the app for iPhone and Adroid to Keek on the go. After you’ve recorded a Keek, you can share it out through your Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

What’s the appeal: Lots of celebrities are using it to post messages. Short. Snappy. We have short attention spans. The appeal of video over words.

Jan 10, 2013 | My first keek! A li’l introduction. To my passions. And my cat. by rebeccacoleman on

H/T: Kelsey Tham (@panadmoniumpink)

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