Seth Godin’s Startup School

I love me some podcasts. I live in downtown Vancouver, so I tend to walk a lot–to meetings, to work. I love to listen to podcasts while I’m walking or on a long drive. I’m all about the multi-task!

My current favorite podcast is Seth Godin’s Startup School. Last summer, Seth did an intensive, 3-day workshop with a group of 30 entrepreneurs. They recorded the workshop, and this podcast is the result. There are 15 episodes all together–each around a half an hour.

He addresses questions that we, as self-employed, either haven’t thought about, or have thought about, but haven’t addressed. Things like making your business scalable (the first episode is called “Freelancer or Entrepreneur”), things like finding a market for your business, or finding a business for your market, and addressing how the sales funnel works, and figuring out how much each new client costs.

This stuff is so good, you guys. It’s giving me so much to think about.

Download them and listen!

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