Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger Nominee!

A couple weeks ago, I got an email from Amber over at Vancouver Mom, letting me know that someone (Susan??) had nominated me as one of the top mom bloggers in Vancouver.

I thought there might be some confusion, because I don’t really consider myself a mom blogger. Yes, I’m a mom. And yes, I’m a blogger, but I don’t often blog about being a mom. The contest is open to anyone who is a mom and blogs, no matter what the topic! More than 60 bloggers were nominated, and out of those, 30 were chosen to compete in the final contest. And I’m one!

I love what I do. I love being a blogger, and I love supplying you guys with social media and marketing tips and tricks twice a week here on The Art of the Business. I love sharing my culinary adventures with you on Cooking by Laptop. I don’t need to win a prize. But it is really nice to be nominated, and to be included in the ranks of some really great bloggers.

Do I use a ghostwriter?? I'll never tell!
Do I use a ghostwriter?? I’ll never tell!

Thanks to Vancouver Mom for recognizing me. And if you do want to vote for me (I’m so not the type to bug you every three minutes via all of my social networks to vote, so you’ll likely only hear this from me once or twice before the voting closes on June 10), you can do so here.

You can vote for up to three bloggers per week, during the two weeks that the voting is open.

Thanks for the love! I’ll be back tomorrow with our “regularly scheduled programming.”


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