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For me, as a blogger, it’s been a very interesting few months. I’d say it all kinda began when I started writing for Vancity Buzz. You see, it’s not that I don’t think I’m a good writer. It was just a confidence thing. When I started writing for a blog that gets well nigh a million hits a month, I felt like I had the clout to start to make bigger asks. So I screwed up my courage, and I did. And that’s led to some really cool stuff: interviews with Canada’s Top Chef, invites to top restaurants and this past weekend, a zipling adventure.

Add to that the conversation I had with Leeann Froese last month after attending Northern Voice and the Top 30 Mom Blogger Nomination, and, well, I’m feeling a bit big for my britches. 😉

Day 6/365 : When I was happy to hold all this money Giovanni Orlando via Compfight

I started to think about getting more serious about monetizing my blog. I started this blog as a way to market my  burgeoning publicity business 6 years back, so, in essence, I’ve been monetizing since day one. But there are probably a dozen ways you can monetize your blog, and I’ve decided I’m going to research and explore them. I’d like to take some of you along for the ride.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  • The course/series is free.
  • It will be about 10-12 weeks long. 
  • Each week, I will publish a blog post that is focussed on monetizing your blog. 
  • You have two choices: you can participate passively simply by continuing to be a reader of my blog as usual. Your second choice is to sign up to participate in the challenge. The challenge will consist of a weekly task that will be focussed around monetizing your blog. People who sign up for the challenge will also have the option of joining a Facebook group. The idea is, you can participate as little or as much as you want, but if you want to participate, I want us all to support each other in that. 
  • The series will include interviews with people who are currently successfully monetizing their blogs. I will do interviews with people based on their field of expertise. 
  • The series will start late the week of July 15. 

Interested? Sign up to be part of the “task force” here.

I’m taking next week off from posting, as I have to go to Kamloops to teach a workshop, but I’ll see you back here the following week!


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