21 Steps to Creating a Great LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

LinkedIn. You gotta be on it, and you gotta be serious about it.

I was certainly not until I met Kevin Knebl a couple years ago. He convinced me that I needed to kick my LinkedIn up a notch. Since then, I’ve put a lot of work into really rounding out my profile and making sure I fill everything out in lots of detail. I’ve solicited recommendations, and I get endorsements every day. I post all of my blog posts here, as well.

Over the last year, LinkedIn has made tonnes of great improvements to the interface, like allowing you to add images or video to your profile, allowing you to tag people in your status updates, and endorsements.

I recommend you set aside a couple of hours and seriously update your LinkedIn profile. It’s a one-time investment of your time that could have massive repercussions in the future. Use this infographic as a guide.

One last LinkedIn tip for you: like most social networks, you can upload the contents of your email address book to see if there are people you already know on that network. Most people do this just one time, at the beginning, and then never again. With LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to do it every 6 months, as new people will join, and you can then connect with them.

Oh! and if we’re not connected yet, send me a request.

Infographic from @Meloniedodaro, TopDogSocialMedia.com.

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