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Gentle reader;

It’s been oh, such a year! I celebrated my 5th blogversary on October 1, 2013. I’m now into my sixth year on this blog.

If you’d have asked me when I started if I thought I’d still be doing it all these years later, I’d probably have said “no,” but yet, here I am… my blog has morphed and grown with me as I have gone though changes in my life and business.

My main focus is now on social media: how-tos and social media marketing. It’s an interesting time to be a social media marketer. And by “interesting,” I mean, “no one knows what’s going to happen next.” But that’s okay–I love that. There’s never room for boredom.

My highlights of 2013 included meeting Mari Smith, getting nominated for a blogger award, and meeting some amazing folks through workshops I got to teach.

That's me with Mari Smith!
That’s me with Mari Smith!

Here’s how 2013 broke down:

Total number of posts: 122

Total visits: over 50,000

Here are the top 10 most-trafficked posts of 2013: 

An Open Letter to Facebook: this is one of my favourite things I wrote this year, and it certainly resounded with you, as well, given the amount of likes and shares and tweets it generated. In it, I ask Mark Zuckerberg to give us “little social media marketers” a break.

Shortcuts to Becoming a Social Media Rock Star: I also really loved writing this post. I talked to some of the top bloggers and social media peeps in the city, and asked them how they become successful. The answers may surprise you…

Best Times to Post to Social Media: everyone loves a good infographic, and this one outlines what are the best times of the day to post for maximum effect.

10 Easy Ways to Write Better Blog Posts: another popular infographic, this one from Melonie Dodaro, who is someone I greatly respect.

Installing a Contest App on Your Facebook Page: Contests were all over the place on Facebook this year. First, you were only allowed to run a contest if it was through an app. But then, later in the year, Facebook relaxed those rules. Facebook contest apps are still a great way to run a more complicated contest, especially if you are giving away a big prize.

Adding the Instagram App to Your Facebook Page: Instagram is kicking butt! So it’s nice to have access to it in as many places as possible, including your Facebook page, especially if you use Instagram for your business.

Working in Coffee Shops: as a self-employed person, I end up spending a lot of time alone. Coffee Shops are a great way to feel like you are in a social work environment, and I talk about the advantages in this post, as well as list some of my favourites.

How to Schedule and Back-Date Facebook Posts: this is another feature I use literally every day. I schedule up FB posts first thing in the morning, and then let ’em rip during the day.

My Top 4 Email Signature Creation Apps, plus a bonus: everyone loves lists! Plus, there’s good stuff in here. I love and use Wisestamp every day.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Hootsuite to Post to Your Facebook Page: the problem with social media is that it changes so fast! While this may have been true for me at that time, so much has changed with Facebook over the last 6 months, that, truthfully, Hootsuite might now be your best bet! More research required!

All the best to you in 2014!! Happy New Year, peeps!!




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