12 Ways to Boost Your SEO [Infographic]

It’s Wednesday! That means an infographic.

After Monday’s post, which was all about how to use images to boost your SEO, I thought I’d post this infographic, which gives you 12 other ways to boost your blog’s SEO.

One of the great things about being on WordPress is that there is literally a plugin for everything. So if Metatags make you sweat, you can just download and use a plugin that will put them in for you. One of the most popular ones, and the one I use primarily is WordPress SEO by Yoast.  I have also tried All In One SEO Pack.

Try one out and see if it makes a difference!

One big mistake I often see people make on their blogs is using numbers for their permalinks. It’s easy enough to change from numbers to your blog post’s name. In your dashboard, head to Settings–>Permanlinks, and uncheck the default number one. Instead, choose date and name or just name, or better yet, create your own custom one.

Infographic courtesy of Red Website Design Blog.




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  1. On-page optimization is very important for boosting your website’s position on search engines. The 12 ways discussed by you are pretty helpful for bloggers to make their website search engines’ friendly and ranked on the top to get maximum visitors. Now your contents effect a lot upon your ranking. It is always recommended to write excellent, interesting and informative contents on the basis of your readers so that they continue visiting your website. Thumbs up for your this great infograph about boosting SEO 🙂

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