11 Essential Ingredients for Killer Blog Posts [Infographic]

It’s Wednesday! Which means sharing with you my favourite infographic I discovered this week.

If you don’t read Copyblogger, you should! It’s a fantastic site which is dedicated to helping us to become better writers.

I’ll admit, I can be lazy sometimes about my writing. I’ll be under deadline, I’ll have a million other things to do, and sometimes I won’t pay a lot of attention to what I’m writing, and slap something up as “good enough.” I’m sure we all have all had this experience. But for me, the hallmark of a great blog is the quality of the writing, so I encourage you to really try to develop your style and work on having a consistent “voice” in your posts.

I’ve been writing a lot about SEO lately, and while points like creating a killer headline, using sub-headings and images are super important to make your blog more visually interesting and scannable, they are also important for search engine optimization and pinability, so don’t neglect them.

For me, though, my favourite point here, is be authentic. Again, the blogs I follow and love are well-written, but they are also really authentic. It takes guts, but when your real self shines through, people will respond.

Happy Wednesday!


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