10 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement [Infographic]

As we all struggle these days with lower organic views for our FB posts, this challenge becomes even more important: how can we create engagement on our posts? Why? Engagement = views. The more comments, likes and shares a post gets, the more people will see that post. So, today, I have a great infographic for you from Digital Information World with 10 Tips to Help Boost Facebook Engagement.

Some of my favourites are:

Use images. I find that nothing does better on my page than when I use some kind of an image–inspirational quotes usually do the best.

Show your personality: remember why people are on Facebook. They are there to connect with their high school friends and their grandma. If you come across all “businessy” and formal, you don’t sound like a real human being, you sound like a robot. When you’re posting, say things that show you have a personality. Mari Smith is excellent at this.

mari smith facebook

Similarly, show a sense of humor: a couple weeks back, I posted a social-media themed comic strip to my FB page, and it garnered almost 3K of views!

Show love to your clients/customers: if your clients/customers take photos of your stuff, put them on your FB page. Also, can you create an image that shows love and thanks your fans? Let them know you appreciate them.

Let them behind the scenes: take your fans, through images, to places where they wouldn’t normally be able to go. Someone in the office have a birthday? Take a photo of the whole office celebrating with cake.

Infographic courtesy of Digital Information World

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