Social Media 2104 [Infographic]

It’s Wednesday! Which means Infographic time!

I love this one, because, honestly, I’m always looking for current social media statistics. “How big is _____________ these days?” is a question I’m constantly asking, both of the internets, and social media in general, and also of my own wee properties online.

Facebook, as you can see, is not going anywhere. It is still, far and away, the biggest social network. Twitter can’t even really touch FB’s numbers, as while it looks, on the surface, that they have similar counts, much of Twitter is a ghost town. 44% of Twitter users have never tweeted, and 391 million have no followers. Those of us (me!) who really love Twitter, though, really love Twitter.

Speaking of things I love, Instagram is doing really well (have you downloaded the latest update yet? It rocks), with 200 Million active users, 50 of which came on board in the last 6 months. Instagram may have hit the tipping point.

LinkedIn is also going strong, and for good reason. Every day, more and more people recognize the importance of professional networking.

Finally, Snapchat, anyone? It’s not my personal favourite, but it’s popular with the kids, especially the Norwegians!

What’s your favourite social network?

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