How Non-Sexy Businesses Can Rock Social Media [Infographic]

There are some kinds of businesses that loan themselves better to social media than others. Businesses that are highly visual, for example, like artists, photographers, chefs, restaurants and retail stores (clothing, accessories, etc) all work really well on social media.

But there are other kinds of businesses that don’t as easily, at first, seem to work on social media. Take insurance, for example. Or financial planning. Or plumbing.

I was just giving a talk at Social Media Day last week in Maple Ridge, and one of the participants ran a plumbing business. Her first question was, “how can we do social media?”

The #1 answer, as far as I’m concerned, is add value. Can you, in some way, answer people’s questions, make their lives easier? Write down a list of all the questions people ask  you on a daily basis, and start to write blog posts answering every single one of those. Or write the answers on FB. Give people tips and tricks that will save them time and money. And when the time comes that they need insurance/a financial planner/a plumber, who do you think is going to be their first phone call or email? You.

Today’s infographic is about just that–how some “unsexy” businesses managed to win at social media. I should also add, showing that you have a sense of humour is another great way to win the internets.

How Non-Sexy Businesses Rock on Social Media - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog




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